The muse in me that thou unveiled

The muse in me that thou unveiled

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Many a times

We cross in paths

Hearts so lonely

Yet pure and lovely

That craves for nothing

Beyond a caring smile

Or a cordial chat.

And in us they evolve

A connect so sublime

That unveils the muse in us

Even we never knew existed.


Thus did I find a random note

That sketched in verse

Thy deepest views

That thy heart wished

Someone would seek.


I read thy words

And sensed the vibe

That held your thoughts

As thee penned it down.

I couldn’t grasp

Why thy felt so low

Yet I wished

I could inspire

And tuck out a smile

Even if it’s only for a while .


Many queries, frail and clear

Crossed my thoughts

Yet I assured myself

Not to judge, but to seek

Those missing keys

From thou alone.


So did I scribble

The many thoughts

That my mind dribbled

In verses short and long

Not to judge, but to seek

Those missing keys

From thou alone.


Why define thy mind

As diseased and low

When thoughts and words

That thy soul radiates

Lie so clear and wise?

Why wait for a better else

To disown a rooted sorrow

From thy memory lane

That lies beneath your own mane?

Why seek a second self

To raze out thy pains

That weighs down thee

Dwelling within thee?


Alas my friend!

Hoard this ever in mind

That if the tears

Rolling down thy eyes

Are parts of thy own self,

Then the palms that holds

The strength to wipe

Those tears off

Are also parts of thy own self.


Thence wait no more

For yet another soul

To part thee from thy pain.

For thou have a power

To curb any strain

That exist within thou.


Note not the fading rhythms

Nor the cascading rhymes

Amidst my lines.

Seek the embedded wish

My thoughts beheld

Amidst my lines,

For these were written

To let thee sense

Thou have a friend

Who wishes the best

In times when fate

Might put thou to test.


What is thine

Will come to thee.

What is not thine

Will drift off from thee.

So sings the tune

Which lays the rule of the orbs.

Hence wail not for what is lost

And wait not for what is undue.


Steer forth

With a smile so bright

That no one can blur

And a spine so straight

That no one can bend

For thy vision is thy belief .


Life is nothing

But a joyous ride

That tries to jerks

In many a stride.

Some scream in joy

Some in despair

Some loves the turn

Some hates the twist

Yet never will thou find

A soul that ends it alive.

Why then shed a tear

Or harbor a fear

For something designed

And destined to be adrift .


Make the best

While you ride.

Face the test

Bold in your stride.

Let go of hollow laments

To make this instant

Worthwhile for those dear

In a style of your own.


Graceful are thy thoughts

That makes thou write so well

Blessed is thy being

That greets gratitude so well

Thence why weep

And fill thy soul

With bleak wounds

And stray thoughts so dull.


Thou art the master of thy fate

Gasp not even when thou feel weak

Take the reins and ride on

Hold on strong

And gallop in joy

Let the world get inspired

And thou fulfill what thy aspire.

So wishes the friend in me

And the muse thou unveiled .

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