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She walked slowly into a hall,

That intently awaited her arrival.

All curious eyes turned to her

Filled with sparks of expectation.

Sighs of joy that arouse shortly

Expressed the beholder’s delight.

As she raised her head and met those eyes,

She felt like a lamb to be slayed.

She was viewed from head to toe

Taking in everything, missing nothing.

As every mind there except her’s

Harboured thoughts about her.

Calculating, comparing & concluding,

While her mind alone remained blank.

Neither taking in these new faces

Nor heeding their whispered talks.

This event, supposed to be the best

In any ordinary girl’s life,

Was to her a commencement,

Of new chapters of miseries.

Still neither did she fear,

Nor let her eyes shed a tear,

As her firm strides took her forward,

With a faint smile on her lips.

No emotion crossed her mind

Nor any weary expression her face,

Except a chilled bleakness

Evading her soul these days.

Life was no longer wishful for her,

Though she had sought this path,

For she was a bride who was in love,

Not with her groom.

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