Sunday Delight
Sunday Delight

Sunday Delight

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So does the truth run…  

That each day has its sunny sides

To balance well all its moody rides  

Yet the memories they weave in us

Is what that makes the day so filled with fun !


So does the truth run…  

That birds fly so far away

Yet the joy we gain

As we take in that sight

Where they conquer the skies so bright

Is what makes their flight so filed with fun !


So does the truth run…  

That words cry the way we think

Sometimes in utter glee

Sometimes in fluttering plea

Yet the footprints that our words

Emboss on hearts near and dear

Is what makes the words so filled with fun !


Let the shines of the Sunday sun

Usher in you yet another day

So filled with froths of glee and ease

To stack up your heart

With memories so promising

And shimmer your lips with sparks of smiles

For all Sundays yet to come ……

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