Skeletons of war

Skeletons of war

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To write a poetic piece is a passion fulfilled, but to read a review that I felt is a true analysis of the lines written is a blessing. Special regards and gratitude to Author Williamsji Maveli for writing such an apt review for my poetic lines named ”Skeletons of war” and showcasing the same in ‘Art Biss’,  a beautiful collection of poetic reviews.

Skeletons of war

Sunset made her eyes sparkle
The cool evening drift swayed through her lacy gown
Yet her hazel brown eyes brimmed with tears
As memories of dear ones being killed
And cries for help wrapped her from all corners.

As this small girl of seven, stood lonely
Outlined against a picturesque dusk
She knew it too well
That she neither has a home to return
Nor any dear one to tuck her to sleep.

The beauty of the reclining sun,
Couldn’t hide the corpses scattered around.
Nor could it blend those pools of blood
Still oozing out of the dead bodies
With the dusty terrain of the land.

The same fear was seen reflected
In many such eyes … big and small
The result of war remains the same
Only the depth of the losses varies
Like the so-called reasons that started this all.

Why then do we crave for war
To destroy homes & make many lonely.
Let peace spread its wings over borders
Curb egos and bring in a serene land of joy & peace .

Peace and love are what we all need especially in today’s world. It is not going out of our way to hurt someone’s feelings or start something over nothing. Peace is being willing to be wrong, and when you swallow our own pride because some things just aren’t worth it.
It’s looking past the problem to the solution and then being a part of the solution. It’s giving hope to self, our family, our community, our nation, and even our world. This is called peace. Quoting Sindhu Nandakumar’s wisdom thoughts in the below lines. They are having a natural flow of many poetic emotions between the lines
“The beauty of the reclining sun,
Couldn’t hide the corpses scattered around.
Nor could it blend those pools of blood
Still oozing out of the dead bodies
With the dusty terrain of the land.”
Peace and harmony are high wisdom. It is the height of wisdom that determines the breadth of vision, the depth of exploration, the extent of progress, and the limit of transcendence. None of the current major religions and major cultural traditions of the world does love peace or pursue harmony. History shows that all the thoughts that are against peace and harmony are against the will of the people and shall perish by themselves.

Book Name: ART BLISS

Cover Painting by Artist Govinda Ravaliya

Editors: Williamsji Maveli

Rumpa Ghosh

Genre: Poetic Anthology


Contributing Poets :

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Alby Raymond Parackal – Wherefore Rights

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Radhika Tytler – In Our Hour Of Need

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Ramina Herrera Arteaga – Life as a game of chance

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