Rain & Tea

Rain & Tea

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So romantic is the time

when there drizzles a rain

For our eyes to watch in awe

The cozy splatter of the drops

And the lips sips in ease

Those fine drips of tea

From the fringes of a

Steamy glass cup.

That is the time

When nature fills us up

with a joy and bliss

And wraps us up

In its own blanket of chill

Letting us bask

In a sublime childish delight

That rain alone could render.

I know not if it was the sip

That I wished to taste again

Or those million joyful jingles

From those dancing water tringles

That I wished to mingle again.

Whatever the reason be

This is the season I love

To watch day or night long

Through my window sill.

This is the season

That makes all things feel right

And our hearts so light

As it takes the pain & frights

Totally out of our minds and sights.

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