Poem : My journey as a consultant

Poem : My journey as a consultant

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Challenges kept me going
As I followed my destined tracks.
I dared to dream,
What many told was impossible.
For the closer I looked at it
Even impossible said i’m possible.

Money never gave me highs
Yet I was happy winning stakes
Fame never brought in a smile
For my visions went broader.

I saw many struggling
On their rides to their goals.
And so I took it on to me
A task to usher them through.

To make their dreams a reality
To let them master the art of convincing
To explore their limits
To consult and guide
On their journey to success.

Thus I paired to brace
Start ups from the shell of their cozy world
To the buzzing realms of business
With greater visions accomplished
And higher missions set.

Thus went my path, never smooth, yet steady
As i voyaged the rough seas of corporates
From the small island of a entrepreneur
To the wide expanse of a business consultant.

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