Poem: I grew up as that girl !

Poem: I grew up as that girl !

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“So beautiful will be

The world for that girl

Who comes into it

Through the womb

Of a beautiful woman

Who is not just beautiful

But virtuous and strong

With a will to withstand

Any blow of fate

And  a heart so soft and pure

To embrace her loved ones

With care ,comfort and caution.

So bold would be that girl

Who is fathered by a man

Independent and straight forward

Bold and protective

To  those predators of his loved ones

Yet calm and jovial

when in company of dearies.

So empathetic would be that girl

Raised under the love of a granny

Who loved her to the moon and back

Teaching her practical lessons

Of empathy and virtues

Urging her to respect others

Highlighting ones own action

As an example for others.

So pampered would be that girl

Who grew up with

An elder brother closer in age

Giving  invisible protection

And amidst  more such relations

Clapping on all her actions

And creating a  leader

For whatever she does.

Alas ! That’s how

I grew up as that girl

Who was contented and bold

Empathetic yet pampered.

I was not born with a golden spoon.

I was born with a diamond spoon

Studded with precious stones.

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