Poem: An ode to my best friend
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Poem: An ode to my best friend

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A thought so beautiful , cool and calm

Evaded my life, as I treaded my teens.

As days passed ,it evolved into fine lines of friendship

Trust and comfort, all by itself.

An year filled with laughter, fun and gleeful memories

Transformed my simple thought

Into an eternal  bond of unerring support

Enveloping me in a halo of its own .

As destiny’s  whips lashed me hard,

My halo protected me ,

And every time I shivered in pain

It consoled me and brought me back to be myself.

Yet even when I knew, I wouldn’t

Survive future storms of fate

Without this halo of mine ,

I let it go, with a smiling face and a broken heart.

Days and night passed,

Just as varied months and years,

Bringing in times of sorrow and at time joy.

Moments of smiles and moments of tears.

I fought even when I lost.

I won even  after I lost hope.

I was praised  for my glories

And snubbed for my failures.

I was strong and sometimes weak,

I dwelled in solitude and in crowds,

I was  happy and at times sad

As I faced the rise and fall of life.

Everything  around me changed

Changing  my thoughts, my goals

My attitude, my relations, my beliefs

And the way I see things.

Yet there is something that never changed,

There was never a day nor a night ,

Happy or sad, lonely or crowded

That passed without a thought of yours.

As my pen scribbled scrolls of pages,

I realize, there was never a book of mine,

That lacked at least a line about you.

Or ever a story told, without outlining your subtle presence.

This is not a missing ode,

As I have never missed you .

You were always a part in me

And will be so, till times unknown …….

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  1. That’s a touching one

  2. Who every it be there is nothing worthy be holding something unconditional.

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