Article : My best teacher was my last mistake

Article : My best teacher was my last mistake

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We did have lots and lots of teachers all throughout our lives. Some were our classroom teachers while others were our non-classroom teachers who taught us greater lessons through their actions, words and experiences.

The non-classroom teachers that I mentioned could be our parents, friends, relatives, colleagues or even strangers who initiated some new thought in us. Some of them were passive, while some very active. Some were informative while some boring. Some taught us through tears while some taught us through smiles.

I am sure you thoughts would be presently racing through the many teachers of your life. Remembering all those who have taught us the varied lessons of life, and if someone asked you who your best teacher was, what would you reply?

Well! I would gladly say my best teacher was my last mistake.

Sounds weird .Isn’t it? But isn’t it the truth?

We all learn from our mistakes. We might or mightn’t forget the lessons that others had taught us. But will we ever forget what our own mistakes had taught us? No. The bigger our mistake, the bigger its impact will be. And the bigger its impact, the better and longer we remember that .And that’s exactly the reason why I said my best teacher was my last mistake.

If our mistakes are our teachers, then why fear them? Don’t let the fear of committing mistakes pull you down from doing something you dream. We might make mistakes when we take a new step. But we will learn from it and keep going till we succeed. So accept mistakes as a part of your life. Acknowledge mistakes as a teacher who helps you improve. Remember them, learn from them, but never be afraid of them, for without mistakes no one has ever succeeded in life.

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