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I would like to portray myself as a dreamer always on a journey of understanding people from their own perspective. And that’s why I enjoy being an author, publishing stories of fiction illustrated from the characters could have been experience. The same quest persuaded me to follow in depth studies into the world of psychology making me precipitate as a psychotherapist solving mental blockages by understanding my client’s mental mapping. The inception of my own business ventures and my basic interest in viewing life from the dimensions of the market demands took my career into the next level as a business consultant. Feel free to contact me in case you wish to unveil a better self or take your business or career to the next level. From any spectrum of publishing needs to philanthropic ventures, from building your company’s brand to positioning yourself as an expert and from content marketing to social media growth, I will be more than glad to assist you.

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Creative Writer

Creative writing is one of her core strength and deepest passion. For Sindhu Nandakumar when done right, the written words could change hearts and minds ultimately compelling the readers to engage and agree with the pen. Her skills to produce entertaining pieces of creative literature, and stories of fiction is what attracts her readers. The unique blend of creative imagination along with a inborn flair of understanding others emotions makes her writings stand out. This is the undoubtedly the reason why Pens & Scrolls has emerged as a nurturing platform for many budding writers

Founder & CEO
Pens & Scrolls
(A global publishing house)
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Cheif Editor
E-Mag (Online entertainment magazine)
Learn Easy (Online educational magazine)
Yaatri (Online travel magazine)
Live long (Online health magazine)
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Graduate in English Literature (B.A)
Diploma in Desktop publishing
Diploma in Graphics and Computer Aided design


Sindhu Nandakumar perceives counseling as a great source of relief and comfort to help others through their tough times. She has witnessed her clients emerge calmer, more confident, more resilient and more peaceful, because having someone there who understands, listens and does not judge is very powerful and can result in change on a huge scale. Still she realized at the initial stages of her practice that not even 2 % of the total population who needs help comes up to a psychologist for help. This was basically due to the fear of self-exposure or what others might think if they are found visiting a psychologist. The launch of Svaastika, an online counselling site where anyone can seek mental help without revealing their identity was a result of this realization. The website soon expanded into a NGO with chapters worldwide.

The panel of professional that formed the advisory board in Svaastika urged her to pursue further studies into allied fields of mental health like Psychotherapies, energy healing and hypnosis finally designating her as a Psychotherapist.

Founder Trustee & Consulting Psychotherapist
(A non-governmental charity organization)
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Diploma in Positive Psychology
Certification in EFT in Holistic Living (Emotional Freedom Technique)
Certification in NLP (Neuro Linguistic programming)
Certification in Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy
Certification in REBT (Rational Emotive Behavioral therapy)
Certification in CBT (Cognitive Behavioral therapy)
Certification in Forensic Healing
Are you sexy ? (2017)
( A psychological handbook of how women rate men)

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Business Consultant

With the inception of B-zolutions, a multinational business consultancy, Sindhu Nandakumar has changed the way the world thinks about business consultancy services. From feasibility study to company launch, from branding to marketing, from mentoring to finance, she and her team assists brands from varied sectors to bud, grow and diversify. Sindhu Nandakumar works with senior executives and teams across an array of diverse companies engaging the clients to find the best strategies, codify sales & marketing processes, and to maximize revenue from new and existing customers. Being a certified Business Analyst, she can undoubtedly increase revenues for hundreds of clients across dozens of industries and markets and bring in remarkable returns on their investment. Her studies in digital marketing aid her clients to expand their horizons in the digital world and reach their global clients in a much bigger way.

Founder & CEO
(A Multi-National Business Consultancy)
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Business Analysis Certification
Professional Certification in Digital marketing

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