An ode to a fellow author

An ode to a fellow author

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Indeed blessed is my day that dawns with a wish

From a heart  so full and well versed

With fine tunes and quest for letters.


 Let the skies shine brighter, and your heart feel lighter

To make your pen glide faster, across the pages yet whiter

To bring out verses still sweeter, than any the world has ever read.

This is not just another share, but words born only since I care

For a fellow author who loves to fare, not just to write, but to fight,

In inspiring others too, to follow the bliss of writing.


Many have I seen who boosts of trivial gains

And wails over slighter pains.

In such a fancy world, did I find your soul

So rare and beautiful, who fail to bother

The hard falls in life and keeps steering forth

Aspiring odes, showering love and light

For those who likes to write.


They say I inspire many, though I don’t agree any

Alas! You are really the one who inspired me to love my pen.

For all those cheering lines , I thank thee profoundly

For I read not the words that your pen scribbled

But felt the triggering thoughts that your heart dribbled

As you let your pen write it down.


Indeed blessed are you who could bring out

Such well woven threads in lines of verses and words.

Let so be your days ahead yet more blessed

With stronger words and wiser thoughts.

To inspire many more hearts and lure million more hands

To the serene meadows of writing.


Context of writing :

This is an ode written to a fellow Author, poet, critic and a real lover of literature Williamsji Maveli who inspired me to acknowledge and  embrace the world of letters. This is my humble tribute to the support he shows in welcoming others into the world of writing.  God bless you dear author for all the grace, positivity and goodness you radiate.

To know more about this fabulous author visit his web space @ www.williamsji.info Indeed a privilege for me to share the desk with you @ Innovative Authors International forum (  www.pensnscrolls.pub/iaif  )  

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